Our Services

Legendary Inspections

We are known for our inspections and the reason is simple: We preemptively strike the proverbial breakdown monster. When you bring your car to our shop for service, our legendary inspection will alert us to pending issues. You might not be able to fix it immediately, but at least you are now aware of a breakdown or safety concern, and you can adapt driving habits accordingly until you bring it in for the necessary repairs.



We all know that regular oil changes greatly increase an engine’s useful life. Similarly, components like transmissions, brake systems, power steering, differentials and cooling systems will all function better and last longer if their specific fluids are changed on a regular basis.

The good thing is, these other fluids don’t need to be changed nearly as often as engine oil, because they don’t burn fuel. We inspect these components, ensure fluids are kept at the correct level and will let you know when and why they should be changed.

Preventive maintenance also includes cleaning or replacing wear and tear items. Induction systems, injectors, brake parts, timing belts, fuel and air filters, wiper blades, batteries, serpentine belts, hoses and sparkplugs are amongst the most common ones. If something should be changed or serviced, we will explain precisely why we are recommending it so. We want you to be convinced that your car is going to benefit from the services we provide.



We know about tires. Whether you drive a fuel-sipping Toyota Corolla or gas-guzzling super-cannon, we will be able to fit your vehicle out with the most appropriate tires for your situation. We can repair tires, balance wheels, or even have them straightened. To top it all off, we have the best alignment technician in town. Swing by to find out more.



Repairs are for when your vehicle is not functioning properly, preferably prior to stopping altogether. Perhaps the car is making a weird noise, shaking or having difficulty starting. Or maybe the Check Engine Light is on. Some failures are mechanical in nature, some are electrical. Rest assured that we have the expertise to get you back on the road.

What we have found is that many repairs can often be avoided by keeping up on preventive maintenance. It is more convenient to plan for your car’s service, then to have your car decide when you should come in.



Stone chips lead to larger cracks that become safety hazards. Repairing chips in a timely fashion can prevent the need to replace the windshield entirely. We can determine whether your vehicle’s windshield needs repair or replacement.



We have two FREE loaner cars available for your use while we service your vehicle: A Ford Taurus and a 4-door Saturn that is affectionately known as Smurf! We also have preferential rates with Enterprise Cars.